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Spiced Fig Subarz


Looking for a snack that is both delicious and healthy? Look no further than our Spiced Fig Subarz! These bars were created in November 2016 during a kitchen experiment that resulted in the perfect combination of tarragon, other spices, and figs.

Our Spiced Fig Subarz have been described as an "adult fig newton" and offer a taste that is both delicious and light. Figs have been one of the first flavors of Subarz, and they were one of the very first cultivated trees.

These barz are nut-free and dairy-free. Dusted with sugar on top, they are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of champagne or enjoyed with coffee or tea.

Each Spiced Fig Subarz contains dried figs, which are rich in antioxidants, making this snack not only delicious but also good for you. So why settle for ordinary snacks when you can try our Spiced Fig Subarz and experience the unique flavor that has made them a popular choice for many?

Order now and enjoy a delicious and satisfying treat.

Ingredients:  flour, sugar, oil, eggs, dried figs, spices, baking powder,vanilla extract, natural flavors, salt, cloves.

Allergens: wheat, eggs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great gift for every occasion!

I love sending Subarz as a gift! They are so beautifully wrapped and there’s nothing better than receiving that pink box filled with yummy goodies! The website is so easy to place an order, even from my phone that they have become my go-to gift for anyone! Teachers, clients, birthdays, neighbors, co-workers and even my mail carrier!

Alan P.

The Spiced Fig Subarz is a scrumptious delight! The rich, aromatic blend of spiced figs in each bite is a culinary marvel. I can't resist their sweet and spicy allure. A treat that simply warms your heart and satisfies your cravings. A must-try for all dessert lovers!

Updated Fig Newton!

These are a pure delight to eat! Such a treat to eat these and these are perfect to enjoy any time of the day. I love the pieces combined with the fig!

Perfect with my afternoon tea!!

I love fig and these are delicious!!! I love the combination of all the unique flavors and enjoy dipping them in my tea. What a wonderful treat.

Love these!!!

Wow...these barz are delicious. I am not a ""fig lover" but truly enjoy the taste and texture of these barz. I also love that they are dairy-free and nut free.