PRIDE Celebration Subarz

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PRIDE Celebration Subarz


These colorful and delicious delicacies were originally designed to celebrate PRIDE month, but we realized that the LGBTQ+ community should be celebrated every day of the year.

Made without any nuts, our PRIDE Subarz are the perfect indulgence for anyone. These twice-baked treats are filled with rainbow sprinkles both inside and out, along with white and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Our PRIDE Subarz are the perfect combination of funfetti and biscotti, resulting in a unique and tasty treat. With their vibrant colors and festive design, they are ideal for any celebration or occasion.

Celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with PRIDE Subarz, the sweetest and most colorful Subarz we offer. Enjoy a delicious treat that is both fun and festive, while showing your support for the LGBTQ+ community. Order now and add a little color to your day!

 Ingredients:  flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate chips, white morsels, sprinkles, vanilla extract, baking powder, salt.

Allergens: wheat, eggs, milk.

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