This Lawyer-Turned-Baker Followed Her Sweet Dreams

This Lawyer-Turned-Baker Followed Her Sweet Dreams


Prior to launching Subarzsweets in Studio City, California, Daphne Subar was practicing law but loved baking treats for her family and friends. She had often joked about opening her own bakery but in reality, “the idea seemed overwhelming and daunting.”

In the end, it was her three daughters who encouraged her to follow her passion, as she had often told them to do. For a school project, one of her daughters had made a flier that said, “Subarz: All bars, one bakery,” which hung on the fridge for years before Subar finally made the leap. She told Beyondish that leaving her career as a lawyer was a difficult decision, but one she doesn’t regret.

When it came to starting a business, she wanted to create something that was different and couldn’t be found anywhere else. She always liked making mandelbread (biscotti), and after some experimenting found that adding the sweetness of a cookie formed “the unusual and tasty treat” she’d been hoping for.

She describes Subarzsweets as “a thoughtful gifting company,” as her unique creation combines the crunch of biscotti with the sweetness of a cookie. They are perfectly shaped for dipping in coffee or tea, pairing with ice cream or simply enjoying as a snack any time of day. And, they come in gluten-free, nut-free, wheat-free and dairy-free combinations as well as a variety of flavors  – think chocolate chip, cinnamon sugar or luscious lavender. (Subar’s personal favorite flavor is the salted apricot caramel because of the sweet and salty combination).

In order to make the gift-giving process easy, Subar works with her customers directly, even providing a handwritten note with each box. Her company’s membership program has become popular with small businesses who want to send different employees and clients a monthly thank you. It’s also popular for its sampler box, which contains two dozen Subarz.

Subar’s daughters and husband are her primary culinary influences, as they all have different food aversions, allergies and preferences, and she likes making something they all can enjoy. Then she looks to family and friends for more suggestions. It was her sister, for instance, that suggested adding an herb to one of her Subarz, and though she refused to at first, lemon thyme has become one of her most popular flavors.

Starting out on a new path has taught Subar that no matter what stage you’re at in life, “it is never too late to follow your passion and create something new.” But what she says has been the most rewarding thing of all is setting an example for her daughters and others that dreams can come true. “We should all do whatever it is that brings us joy and happiness every day,” she said.

Article by Ashley Archambault.