The Prospect Project:  Episode 15: Sweet Success

The Prospect Project: Episode 15: Sweet Success


Can you find success and create a positive impact in people’s lives as an entrepreneur?

In this episode, Lorraine talks with former lawyer turned baker, Daphne Subar. Daphne is the Chief Baking Officer and Founder of SubarzSweets​​–an online gift-giving service that specializes in the unique baked good, Subarz, which combines the crunchy texture of biscotti with the sweet flavor of cookies. After practicing law for two decades, Daphne chose to practice her passion by opening her own bakery. She launched her baked good, Subarz, after receiving ample encouragement from family and friends, and since pursuing her dream, she has been enjoying sweet success.

Daphne takes the audience along her journey as she shares the bumps and sweet surprises of being an entrepreneur. From revealing her creative process to discussing how the pandemic impacted her business, Daphne offers listeners her recipe for fulfillment. She also explains how her family helped inspire her business, her thoughts on fostering creativity, and what the future entails for SubarzSweets.

Listen to this episode to be inspired by Daphne’s success and learn how she inspires others, one bite at a time!