Subarz: A Cross Between a Biscotti and a Cookie... - Inspired by Savannah

Subarz: A Cross Between a Biscotti and a Cookie... - Inspired by Savannah

Subarz, a Cross Between a Biscotti and Cookie, Makes a Great Gift Idea for Foodies or to Put Out at the Dessert Table at the Holidays - Ships Nationwide and Available in Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free and Wheat-Free Options! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I love when I stumble upon a business that is created out of a passion, and read the company bio and see the owner made a big change to follow their dreams/passions.  This is the case with Subarz, which launched back in 2016, and offers a unique baked good that is a mix between a crunchy biscotti/mandelbread and the sweetness of a cookie.  The owner walked away after practicing law for years, to follow her dreams of opening her own bakery.  I, for one, an all for following your dreams, and make changes to make you happy, so was happy to the owner of Subarz changing career paths and seeing where she is today with her dream a reality.
Last month, I was sent a sampler box of Subarz from SubarzSweets to sample and enjoy with my family.  My oldest daughter is a picky eater, and is not usually big into sweets.  But, when she saw the box of Subarz arrive in the mail, she was eager to try them.  
She especially loved the one with the colored sprinkles, and ended up trying it first, and loving it.  Just look at the smile on her face, and you will see that this Subarz baked good was a hit with her...
What I love about the sampler box that I was sent is that it lets you try up to four different flavors and have a little tasting party/experience like my family.  But, if you are a repeat customer with Subarz, you can fill a whole sampler box with your top 2-3 favorites, too! 
Buy the Sampler Box now for only $36.50
Here are the flavors you can choose from when putting together your sampler box to have shipped to you, or that special someone you are looking to surprise with these tasty baked goods:
  • Traditional Chocolate Chip Subarz
  • Gotcha Matcha
  • Lemon Thyme Subarz
  • Salted Apricot Caramel Subarz
  • Double Chocolate Chip Almond Subarz
  • Apple Trilogy Subarz
  • Chocolate Peppermint
  • Toffee Crunch Subarz
  • Peanut Butter Delight
  • Spiced Fig Subarz
  • White Chocolate Raspberry Subarz
  • Celebration Subarz
  • Luscious Lavender

So many flavors to choose from, right?  That is why I am happy that they offer a sampler box so that you can choose the top four flavors you are most eager to try out, than having to just buy individual bags of Subarz just to try the different flavors out.  I put in request to have my sampler box to include Classic chocolate chip, Double choc chip. Lavender and Celebration as my flavor...and, they all tasted so good. 
Like I said, my oldest really enjoyed the Celebration Subarz, while my husband kept reaching for the lavender subarz to dip into his coffee or tea in the AM.  My youngest daughter and I are all about chocolate, so we were both content with the chocolate chip and double choc. chip subarz.  
You can eat the Subarz right out of the box, dip in tea or coffee, or do like my girls do and pour a tall glass of cold milk and dunk away.  They loved the crunchy bite at first. But, after leaving dangling in the milk, they loved how the Subarz would get softer and more chewy.  However you choose to enjoy Subarz just know you will be in for a real treat. My family enjoyed sampling the four different flavors sent in the sampler box, and are already asking me to buy another box to try out a few more new flavors.  My youngest said she thinks that Santa might like coming down the chimney to find a plate of Subarz and a cold glass of milk on Christmas Eve, so told me to make sure I buy extra, so we have some to eat, and there is enough for Santa. :-)  
If you are looking for a fresh baked good that is unique and will leave you will a smile as you reach for another, or love gifting family and friends near and far with sweets and treats, why not consider placing an order for Subarz from SubarzSweets.  
Not only will you be supporting a small business owner, who changed career paths to follow her dreams and bring them to fruition, but you will absolutely love her unique Subarz.  Head on over to to learn more and place your order.  

You can choose from a variety of flavors (the ones I  mentioned above) and four different package sizes, ranging from a three-pack to a two-dozen Sampler Box, which can all be shipped nationwide.  You can also request gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and wheat-free options. I have so many family and friends who have a gluten, nut or dairy allergy and it makes it hard for planning a dessert table at the holidays.  But, thanks to SubarzSweets, I and order their Subarz to meet the different dietary restrictions, and offer of a baked good that everyone will love and enjoy.