It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams

It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams

Meet Daphne Subar of Subarzsweets. Inspired by her immigrant parents, who came to this country with almost nothing and built a beautiful and thriving life and family in a new country through hard work and perseverance, Daphne learned the invaluable lessons of resilience and tenacity. These values would shape her journey in ways she could have never anticipated.

When Daphne Subar of Subarzsweets was a little girl, she dreamed of changing the world and leaving a lasting impact. Growing up, she set her sights on college and law school, becoming the first in her family to achieve such milestones. Inspired by her immigrant parents, who came to this country with almost nothing and built a beautiful and thriving life and family in a new country through hard work and perseverance, Daphne learned the invaluable lessons of resilience and tenacity. These values would shape her journey in ways she could have never anticipated.

Daphne successfully navigated college, law school, and a 25-year career in law. She became a respected attorney known for her dedication, hard work, and sharp mind. But at 51, she realized it was time to follow a new dream. Baking had always been a passion, and with encouragement from her husband and children, she decided to leave the practice of law and launch Subarzsweets. While many of her peers prepared for retirement, Daphne embarked on a new adventure, proving that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Without formal culinary or business training, she decided to become an entrepreneur, driven by her love for baking and her desire to bring joy to others through her creations.

Determined to create something unique, Daphne experimented in the kitchen and created Subarz, a delightful fusion of mandel bread and cookie recipes. Combining the crunch of biscotti with the sweetness of a cookie, she crafted over 20 varieties, including gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free options. In 2016 she officially launched Subarzsweets, turning her passion into a thriving business.

From a young age, Daphne found joy and satisfaction in pleasing others, making her family proud, and spreading joy and enthusiasm wherever she went. This innate desire to help others followed her through her life. Her successful law career while raising three wonderful daughters was a testament to her belief that anything is possible with hard work, perseverance, and unwavering support.

Motherhood taught Daphne the value of following one’s passions and embracing limitless possibilities. When her oldest daughter chose theater as her college major, Daphne wholeheartedly encouraged her to pursue her dreams despite naysayers. This act of encouragement led Daphne to a profound realization of her aspirations. Inspired by her youngest daughter’s elementary school project titled “SuBar – all bars, one bakery,” Daphne dreamt of one day starting a bakery. Fears and excuses held her back initially, but one day, her middle daughter challenged her to overcome her hesitations. In 2016, Daphne finally took the leap, leaving her legal career behind to launch Subarzsweets.

Inspired by my youngest daughter’s elementary school project –

“SuBar – all bars, one bakery,” I dreamt of one day starting a bakery. Fears and excuses held me back, but one day, my middle daughter questioned me and challenged me to overcome my hesitations. In 2016, I finally took the leap, leaving my legal career behind to launch Subarzsweets. Combining the crunch of mandelbread with the sweetness of a cookie, I created Subarz – a delightful treat that would bring joy to so many. ”

Balancing her roles as a mother, wife, and friend while growing her business was no small feat. But Daphne’s resilience was truly tested during the COVID-19 pandemic when her eldest daughter was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. As her daughter underwent intensive treatment, Daphne juggled the demands of her business and her family’s needs. The pandemic added another layer of complexity, as the family had to adopt strict health measures to protect their daughter.

Living in Los Angeles, Daphne was grateful for the exceptional care her daughter received at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Once a care plan was implemented, they needed to focus on the rest of the family’s health and wellness. One of Daphne’s other daughters was living at home and working outside the home, and as a result, even within their home, they were forced to be masked in all common areas and take other precautions. Mealtime was traditionally “family time,” where everyone would come together, share a meal, and rehash their day. Now, all shared meals would be eaten outside, at separate tables, six feet apart. Daphne’s youngest daughter, who was in college in Boston, had to limit her visits home during this time. Daphne and her family continued to adapt as new information was learned on how to keep each of them safe. Friends and neighbors rallied around them, providing meals, support, and even outdoor heaters to make socially-distanced family meals possible.

The community’s support was invaluable, but the journey remained incredibly challenging. Daphne drew strength from the resilience instilled in her by her parents, the unwavering love of her family, and the support of her community. Throughout it all, she continued to bake. She was determined to make the world a little sweeter despite the hardships. Baking and growing her business became her therapy, a way to channel her emotions and create something positive amidst the chaos.

Daphne discovered a new depth of resilience within herself, her husband, and her three daughters. It was a time marked by immense love, support, and laughter, even in the darkest of moments. Together, they navigated the toughest period of their lives, emerging stronger and more united. The experience taught Daphne the importance of cherishing every moment and finding joy in the small things, even during times of great adversity.

As her business grew, Daphne realized that corporate gifting was the perfect avenue to share the sweetness of Subarz with the world. While Subarzsweets still sells to individual clients, Daphne identified a gap in the corporate gifting market. She noticed the current popular options were often “stale” and unremarkable. As a lawyer, she had received her share of “generic” gifts, none of which stood out in taste or variety. Daphne wanted to change that. Subarzsweets strives to make corporate gifting easy and carefree for clients. Subarzsweets takes care of all the details and makes the process hassle-free. From the moment someone receives a pink box of delicious Subarz delivered to their door, accompanied by a handwritten note, the thought and care exerted to send such a unique gift is obvious. They have collaborated with companies large and small, providing the same excellent service to everyone. Subarzsweets helps clients show appreciation to their employees and clients, spreading happiness and sweetness with every bite.

Subarzsweets has redefined corporate gifting by elevating it to be meaningful, intentional, and purposeful. Daphne’s dedication to providing a unique and heartfelt gifting experience ensures that each recipient feels valued and appreciated. With every gift, SubarzSweets aims to spread happiness and gratitude, making the world a little bit sweeter, one bite at a time.

Giving back to the community and helping others is something that has always been important to Daphne and is an integral part of SubarzSweets. The company actively donates to various organizations, both local and national. During the pandemic, SubarzSweets hired Angelenos who were suddenly and unexpectedly without income to deliver Subarz locally. Daphne is grateful for the wonderful community and that her business has grown and thrived since 2016, and she wants to share that joy with others.

Despite the challenges, including the pandemic and personal losses, Daphne is grateful for every moment. Witnessing the kindness and thoughtfulness of their clients as they send Subarz to brighten others’ days reinforces SubarzSweets‘ vision of making this crazy world just a little bit sweeter, bite by bite. With every corporate gifting partnership, SubarzSweets goes the extra mile to ensure a seamless process for clients, from creating custom packaging to automating gifts for special occasions.

Daphne Subar’s story is a testament to the power of following your dreams, no matter your age or circumstances. Her journey through the pandemic and her daughter’s illness highlights the strength of family, the importance of community, and the incredible resilience of the human spirit. Daphne’s unwavering dedication to making a difference continues to inspire and remind us that it’s never too late to pursue our passions and make a lasting impact.

Today, SubarzSweets is thriving and growing through new clients and partnerships. With the help of former and current customers, social media, and word of mouth, the business has expanded greatly. Daphne is constantly looking for ways to better the business, provide top-quality products, and keep her customers coming back for more. She has built a loyal customer base that appreciates not only the delicious treats but also the heart and soul that goes into every batch.
Looking back, Daphne has no regrets about choosing this path. Despite the ups and downs, the overwhelming support and encouragement have fueled her determination and passion to make a positive impact on the world through SubarzSweets. The mission to make this crazy world just a little bit sweeter, bite by bite, continues to inspire Daphne as she strives to be the go-to gifting partner for corporations and individuals alike. She continues to strive to make a difference and make every moment a little sweeter and brighter for those around us.

Daphne Subar of SubarzSweets life is a beautiful example of what can happen when we dare to dream and have the courage to follow our hearts. Her story inspires us to believe in ourselves, embrace change, and never give up on our dreams, no matter how daunting the journey may seem. As SubarzSweets continues to grow, Daphne remains dedicated to her mission of spreading joy through her baked goods. Her passion for baking and her commitment to excellence shine through in every product, making SubarzSweets a beloved brand in the community.

Hannah and Neil are honored to share this story about Daphne Subar of SubarzSweets. If you haven’t had a chance, please visit the website and purchase some sweets. You will be pleased that you did!