Tommy Moloney’s Breakfast Sausage Pack

Made from Tommy Moloney’s award-winning recipe. The taste of these sausages will transport you back to Ireland.

Each sausage is approx. 1 oz.

Pack: 1 lb

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day. For the holidays, I love to cook up an amazing breakfast. Waking up on Christmas morning with some great sausage for breakfast is a must. Sausage is actually one of my families favorite for breakfast. We love to make this often. Tommy Moloney’s sausage is so delicious, and will make for a great breakfast for the holidays! Have family gather around for a great breakfast this holiday with Tommy Moloney’s sausage. Yum!

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Fresh N Lean 

Fresh n’ Lean is a ready-to-eat meal prep delivery service with a twist. They believe everyone has the right to enjoy a healthy lifestyle full of nutritious food. This is why all of their flavorful, pre-portioned meals are organic, gluten-free, and completely fresh. Their culinary masterpieces are made entirely from scratch and delivered straight to your door. Healthy eating has never been so easy!


Subarz are a unique baked good which combine the crunchiness of biscotti/mandelbread with the sweetness of a cookie. They come in a variety of flavors and sizes and there are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and wheat-free options.  They ship nationwide and Subarz require no refrigeration. Subarz are perfect as a gift for anyone in the family as well as for teachers, clients, colleagues and friends.

If you are looking for some baked goods, Subarz are great for you. I think these will make an amazing gift for the holiday season. That or just having them out for some desserts or snacks for the holidays would be wonderful. I love having items like these out for all my friends and family to enjoy. I host a holiday party each year, so I like to put out foods that they will all enjoy.

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Fit Snack

Fit Snack is a monthly subscription service of healthy snacks, nutritional tips, and fitness inspiration to support an active lifestyle.  Their mission is to teach their subscribers how to enjoy living a fit and healthy life and they do it in a fun way – through smart snacking and education.
They pride ourselves on featuring high quality, whole food, consciously made snacks that taste great.

They give back by donating to the Boys and Girls Club and employee appreciation programs.

This is a perfect snack gift for anyone. Send it to someone for the holidays this year and I’m sure they would enjoy it. How about the college student who is studying a lot and needs some great snacks. These are going to be great for gifting this holiday season.

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BURL Barley Granola

This granola is unique because it is made with rolled barley rather than rolled oats.  Rolled barley looks just like oats but has a richer, more nutty/sweet flavor in my opinion. The granola is made without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. It is a delicious way to eat or snack healthy during the holidays, and makes a terrific stocking stuffer for kids as well as adults.

For those who love granola, this would be a product for you. Whether you want to use this for your own holiday baking or put it in someones stocking, someone is going to love this. My youngest and I are big fans of granola, so we usually like this for breakfast.

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Noms Bake Shop

Noms Bake Shop, a digital cookie store, specializes in gourmet gifts that leave an impression even after every last morsel has been devoured. For this holiday season, the digital bakery is offering sweet deals for readers!

Holiday gift options include:

  • Signature assortment in Customizable Classic Noms Box with magnetic closure, Standard size (pictured below – 20 cookies). Boxes are $39.99 (full-color custom sleeve for additional $1.99/box) and include nationwide shipping (excluding Alaska/Hawaii).
  • Signature assortment in Customizable Deluxe Wooden Keepsake Box with personalized lid, Standard size.Boxes are $59.99 each, including nationwide shipping (excluding Alaska/Hawaii) and customization of lid.

For businesses who want to purchase in bulk,Noms Bake Shop offers bonus boxes for various bulk purchasing tiers:

  • Buy 10 boxes, get one free
  • Buy 25 boxes, get five free
  • Buy 50 boxes, get a “baker’s dozen” (13 free)

Purchased boxes must be of the same style to earn bonus boxes.

If you love cookies, then this is the box for you. Whether you want to give a box of cookies or having them out for the holidays, this box is perfect for either. I think these are going to be a wonderful option for the holidays. Who doesn’t love some yummy cookies, right?!

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2Betties Rounds resemble mini donuts, but actually are healthy treats! Their six flavors –including chocolate chunk, mocha chip, pumpkin spice, maple cinnamon, vanilla bean and sweet almond – are all made with five core non-GMO ingredients: almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup and honey. They’re naturally gluten-, grain-, dairy-, peanut- and refined sugar-free. 2Betties was founded by a mother-daughter duo on a mission to make truly nutritious and delicious snacks with a focus on using quality ingredients and no refined sugar. Snack freely– without sacrificing taste.  Great stocking stuffers, healthy treats at holiday parties or ideal snacks for starting the New Year healthy!

These are great for those who are looking for something that is more healthy. A wonderful option for leaving out for holiday treats at parties or gifting someone. How about putting some of them in a stocking?! Either way, these will be great for anyone wanting a healthier option for treats.

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The Beginnings

Experience the full flavor palette and choose of box of mixed cookies – blackcurrant, sea-buckthorn, almond-seed, almond-cranberry and coconut ginger!

– Bundle of 5 includes 1 box of each flavor
– Bundle of 10 includes 2 boxes of each flavor

Blackcurrant cookies

These fresh and delicate blackcurrant cookies contain 30% real Nordic berries. The blackcurrant flavor is underscored by the delicate presence of apples. Healthy and crunchy coconut flakes join in and a touch of agave ensures the sweet n’ sour equilibrium is just right.

Sea-buckthorn cookies

Luscious sea-buckthorn juice combined with sweet agave and the delicate flavor of apples. The addition of crunchy coconut flakes and healthy cashew nuts completes the deliciously light and fresh flavor bouquet.

Coconut ginger cookies

The exotic taste of ginger blend with the gentle flavor of cashew nuts. Dates add succulent sweetness, elegantly topped off with aromatic vanilla.

Almond cookies with seeds

These soft-baked almond cookies are crunchy, filling and 100% natural. The richness of almonds meet the sweetness of natural agave, pumpkin, chia and flaxseeds to form a scrumptious bouquet of flavors.

Almond cookies with cranberries

The richness of almonds meet delicate bits of refreshing cranberries to form a smooth and filling bouquet of flavors. Scrumptious and 100% natural.

These cookies are:

  • Made from only berries, fruits and nuts
  • 100% natural, no added preservatives, artificial colors or flavors
  • Gluten and lactose free
  • No trans fats, palm oil or hydrogenated oil, non-GMO
  • High in fiber and vegan friendly

Lots of great cookies to choose from here. What I love about these, is that they’re dairy and gluten free. I know some who have allergies to dairy or are lactose intolerant, or are gluten-free, so they have to be careful of what they eat. This is perfect to bring to any party so that everyone can enjoy them. Nobody should have to miss out on some treats during the holidays.

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The Chili Lab

These products allow people to explore diverse flavors of chili peppers from around the world in their own kitchen. The most popular product among men is the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit, which is a unique holiday gift for foodies, chili enthusiasts, and hot sauce fanatics.

The Homemade Hot Sauce Kit has everything you need to craft two artisan hot sauce flavors in your home.

These flavors are:

  • Grove Blend (Citrusy, Hot)
  • Forager’s Blend (Berry, Smoky)

The Kit comes with two chili flake blends, a fine mesh strainer, flour glass hot sauce bottles with corks, and an instruction card.

If you love spicy, then this is the kit for you. I personally love all things spicy. If it has a good kick to it, then I love it. It’s what really brings out the flavor in foods. This chili kit is going to make a great gift for anyone who wants that extra spice in their food. Great for those who love to cook as well.

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Lenny & Larry’s Snickerdoodle Cookie

Satisfy your cravings for sweets while also getting a healthy dose of protein with Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie! This great-tasting cookie comes in so many popular flavors, like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snicker doodle, birthday cake, and even the seasonal pumpkin spice! And these are only a few flavors that these delicious cookies come in! Even more than just tasting great, these cookies are also packed full of nutritional value and leave out all of the bad ingredients you may find in the average cookie! Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie adds a whole 15g of protein to your day in the form of a tasty on-the-go snack! There’s even 5 grams of fiber in each cookie too!

You don’t have to worry about the bad ingredients in the average cookie either. Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies are made with no animal products, making them totally vegan-friendly. No dairy, preservatives, soy, or artificial sweeteners are included in the Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie either. So grab a Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie for a quick on-the-go snack that will keep you going with a boost of protein!

Snickerdoodle cookies are one of my favorites. I find this to be one of the greatest holiday cookies around too. These cookies from Lenny & Larry’s will make for some great treats for the holiday. Keep them out for everyone to enjoy.

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Quest Peppermint Bark Protein Bar

Boring is no fun. When you need motivation, you need something that isn’t boring and bland. Usually something yummy gets you kicking in the right direction. That’s why cheat days were made! Protein is something to consider in your healthy diet. It helps rebuild broken muscles and helps you become full quickly with nutrition, so your not eating bad food in between meals. Eating something that makes you feel good on top of it actually being good for you is hard to find but not anymore! Introducing Quest Nutrition Protein Bar!

Peppermint is a huge thing for us during the holidays. I believe that no holiday party is great without some kind of peppermint treat. If you’re looking for something with a lot of protein, these protein bars would be great. Since they’re peppermint, that would make them amazing for holiday parties!

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Eva’s Cultured Candy

The candies, which are vegan, gluten-free and organic, are made from SCOBYs (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that develop during the fermentation process of making kombucha. Additionally, due to the low temperature at which they are cooked, each candy holds the same health probiotic health benefits as the drink.

These candies could make for a wonderful gift this holiday season. They were wrapped up so nicely in a pack of four. I’d suggest trying all these wonderful flavors. If not for a gift, you could always have them sitting out for your guests for the holidays. I love hosting holiday parties myself, so leaving pieces of candy like this out is a great way to share during the holiday season.

Use the code LifeWithKathy2019 for 10% off!

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Herr’s Snack Truck

Artfully decorated and filled with delicious Herr’s® snacks, Herr’s® Tin and Gift Boxes make a thoughtful gift for family and friends for any occasion. Herr’s® snacks are always made with the finest ingredients.

Replica of the famous Herr’s® Delivery Truck filled with 42 single serve assortment of snacks. You pick the mix! Dimensions 18 x 9.5 x 12.5

This is such a perfect idea for the holidays. I love displaying this snack truck with all the great snacks inside. This would be so much fun to be able to display this during the holidays. That way everyone can just grab whichever snack they’d like.

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Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics

Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics cheeses not only taste good, they make you feel good about your choice. The cheese is made from their farm-fresh milk, produced on a state-of-the-art farm with sustainability practices that help preserve the environment for future generations.

The Crave Cheese Samplers Gift box is a great gift. It comes with 1-12oz package of Cheddar Cheese Curds, 1-8oz container of Marinated Fresh Mozzarella, 2-8oz containers of Mascarpone, and 2-12oz coils of our Farmers Rope string cheese.

If you love cheese, then this would be the box for you. My family loves cheese a lot, so this was a perfect box for us all to share. This could make for a really wonderful gift this holiday season too. Who wouldn’t love to get cheese, right?! I know I would.

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Taste of Immokalee

Holiday gifts that give back

If you enjoy tomatoes during the winter, chances are they were grown in Immokalee, Florida, where 90% of the country’s winter tomato supply is hand picked by migrant farm-working families living in extreme poverty.

In 2014, a group of teenage children from those families set out to help their community. Their dream was to use the delicious produce grown in the area,create great tasting products, and use the profits to help alleviate the poverty in their homes and communities. Since that time, Taste of Immokalee salsa and sauce products are now carried in over 260 retail stores throughout Florida, and can be purchased online by people everywhere. Even this Miami Dolphins player said the flavors are amazing!

100% of the profits are returned to Immokalee to alleviate hunger,support youth programs and provide scholarships.

Gift recipients love the healthy alternative to holiday sweets, and they love the Taste of Immokalee story even more. Every gift basket tells the story of the students benefiting from the purchase. It’s a unique gift that not only gives back, it changes lives.

These are great products for anyone who loves salsa and sauces. It’s amazing how this community has gotten together too. I think this would be a great place to get yourself some of their products because of the way they really give back. I love this! Plus, their products are amazing too. Great for a gift for someone, or for helping cook up some delicious dishes for the holidays too.

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